eCTD Viewer – Altair

eCTD Viewer – Altair

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Aquila’s Altair is an easy to use eCTD Viewer that allows sponsors to view their applications just like the reviewers at FDA. You can see how each sequence affects your application, as well as being able to view all of the sub-folders, and a view for the PDF documents inside those folders. Using Altair, clients get an eagle eye view of their entire submission in one easy to find place. This makes managing your application a simple matter of opening Altair!



  1. Displays Application, Cumulative, Current, and Sequence views
  2. Load unlimited sequences in one step or add each sequence as needed
  3. Never modifies eCTD content
  4. Quickly identify the history of any document
  5. See all eCTD metadata for every leaf
  6. Supports US Regional DTDs versions 2.01 and 3.3
  7. Supports CA Regional 2.2
  8. Open all content documents (PDF, Word, etc) within the software
  9. All valid PDF links are navigable inside the software
  10. See all metadata for every document
  11. Customizable interface


Free to Try


  • All Features of Licensed Version
  • 1 Application with 10 sequences
  • eMail support

Annual Subscription

$250 per seat


  • Unlimited Applications and Sequences
  • All updates
  • Direct eMail and phone support

Feature Roadmap for 2021 and beyond:

  1. New Regions including EMA
  2. Notes / Comments linked to specific leaves and PDF pages
  3. Collaborative Comments – comments are shared with other users and theirs are shared with you
  4. Collaborative New Sequence Drafting
  5. Draft Sequence Exporting
  6. Optional integration with Aquila Solutions publishing support
  7. Cloud based Viewer with Branding Options

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